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The RD Ranch is located in Northern California in rural Amador County. The ranch was originally homesteaded by the Walker family in 1876. We purchased our 60-acre ranch in 1988 from descendants of the original owners.

January, 2015 - The shopping cart has been revised. To do so with the least amount of disruption to our operation we established a new domain. will handle the non-animal side of our business and contain the shopping cart. The will continue to provide the ranch portion of our business. It contains all of the information about our Dexter cows, Nubian and Nigerian Dwarf goats, Anatolian Livestock Guardian Dogs and all the rest.


The RD Ranch Gift Shop is a small family operated business. The items we carry are quality items that we use in our homes, barns, or while hunting or fishing. We are adding products all the time so check back with us from time to time. We appreciate your business.

D179 - Rat Terrier TileOur most popular item from the Gift Shop is our Painted Tile by Pumpkin. They are beautifully handpainted ceramic tiles of cats, dogs, farm animals and wildlife. They make wonderful gifts for the hard to shop for animal lover. We have tiles for almost every breed of dog or cat and numerous other animals.

Amazing Venison RecipesOur books are popular with the outdoor enthusiast. We carry a great line of hunting and fishing books, including cookbooks as well as many animal husbandry books. Our most popular books are the Jim Zumbo "Amazing Venison Recipes", Mike Lapinski "Radical Elk Hunting", Cameron Hanes "Backcountry Bowhunting", Peter Dunn "Goatkeepers Veterinary Book", Donald Strombeck "Home-Prepared Dog & Cat Diets", Ryan Hatfield "Idaho's Greatest Whitetails" and many, many more.

Dog-Opoly GameMy favorite game is Chocolate-Opoly. In Chocolate-opoly players buy favorite chocolate properties, collect chunks of chocolate and trade them in for chocolate factories. Sounds easy enough but pay your conching fees, suppress your cravings or get sent to Chocoholics Anonymous and it becomes a little more difficult…and a lot more fun! So choose your token and roll the dice! Who knows? You may be chosen as a "Supertaster" or you may experience Death by Chocolate. Here's a game for the true chocophile! The perfect gift for the chocolate lover - ages 8 and up - 2 to 6 players. We also have Bird-Opoly, Brew-Opoly, Bug-Opoly, Cat-Opoly, Chocolate-Opoly, Dino-Opoly, Garden-Opoly, Horse-Opoly, Rodeo-Opoly, and Wine-Opoly. Order yours by visiting our online store.

Williams Lure We are very excited to be able to offer Williams and Mooselook fishing lures. We've been using the Mooselook for years and are very excited about the potential of the Williams. These will make great gifts for the fishers in your life. We carry every lure that Williams and Mooslook make in every color (even some discontinued).

New news: Brecks announced in 2013 that they have acquired the Savant spoon company of Andover, Massachusetts. Savant lures are recognised for their proven actions and effectiveness in the water. The 3 Savant lure series are: The Winnie, Jake and Crusher.

Magnetic Gyro Wheel by SchyllingSchylling Retro Toys
We carry a wonderful line of retro toys including the Magnetic Gyro Wheel, Piano Horn, Punch Balls, Die Cast cars, Ambi Bubble Fish, Thomas Wood Train, Curious George Wooden Car and so much more. Great gifts for the kids in your life (even if they are adults).

FACEBOOK: RD Ranch is now on Facebook. I created two different fan clubs - one is for the animals, the other is for the store. Click on the links below to visit the page and become a fan. Leave your comments or questions about the animals (or store products).

RD Ranch - animal fan club
RD Ranch Barn Sale & Gift Shop - the store fan club

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