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Several years ago we put in our own coldroom and meat cutting room to be able to process our own meat. Finding the equipment and other supplies has not been an easy task. We have however, found several sources for obtaining our equipment and supplies. We are pleased to be able to offer you these same products. To view all of our products, access the RD Ranch Barn Sale & Gift Shop shopping cart.

Great Sausage Recipes and Meat Curing by Rytek Kutas

We have a great book & video selection including "Great Sausage Recipes & Meat Curing" by Rytek Kutas. Rytek Kutas made a living smoking and curing meats. Great Sausage Recipes and Meat Curing has been used in food science programs in universities across America, in Canada, England, and even Australia. With over half a million copies sold, this recipe book and guide is sure to satisfy.

Other books available include "Basic Butchering of Livestock & Game" By John J Mettler, Jr., DVM, "Amazing Venison Recipes" by Jim Zumbo, "Home Sausage Making" by Susan Mahnke Peery & Charles G. Reavis, "Sausage & Jerky Handbook" by Eldon R. Cutlip and so many more.

Stainless Steel Meat CuberThis is the meat tenderizer that is used in our cutting room.

Maximize the taste of your tougher grade of meats, such as flank, round, chuck, pork, veal and deer steaks by purchasing this hand-operated stainless steel precision-crafted cuber. You will be proud to present the appetizing and visually appealing results obtained after utilizing this item. Rollers have stainless steel cutting blades. Disassembles for easy cleaning. 7-3/8" x 1" mouth opening.

Meat GrinderThe meat grinder used in our cutting room is much older but the features are about the same. We have processed lots of hamburger & sausages in our meat grinder. Don't forget the plates & knives for the grinder.

With proven dependability, this grinder offers high output and value. The heavy duty aluminum body and stainless steel hopper allow for easy cleaning. Includes 1/4" grinding plate.

5 LB Sausage StufferUnfortunately we purchased ours from a supplier that charged a heck of a lot more than our price. But we wouldn't be without it.

This is an all stainless steel 5 lb Sausage Stuffer for the home user - no rust - ever! The streamlined design of this vertical sausage stuffer saves valuable counter space while allowing you to stuff sausages with a minimal amount of exertion. It comes equipped with a stainless steel pressure relief valve built into the piston head to prevent blowouts during stuffing. The removable cylinder makes clean-up a snap and the solid construction ensures years of dependable performance.

20 LB Capacity Insulated SmokehouseI proudly now have my own.

America's finest smokehouse for home use, designed by a professional sausage maker with adjustable controls. It comes with a free 30 minute video that will lead you every step of the way

We have so much more to offer so come on in to our store and browse for awhile. If you don't see it, just ask. If we don't have it, we may know where to find it.

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